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Published evidence continues to published almost weekly demonstrating the contribution of Nasal High Flow to improved patient care and outcomes.
Flow Matters is designed to keep health professionals up to date with emerging clinical evidence and practice.

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Nasal High Flow publications by year

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(as of 25th Jan 2021)

Registered clinical trials

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(as of 15th Jan 2021)

Clinical practice guideline

(Rochwerg et al. 2020. Intensive Care Med.)
This clinical practice guideline (Rochwerg et al. 2020. Intensive Care Med.) synthesizes current best evidence into four recommendations for NHF in adult patients.

Flow Matters

In this edition of Flow Matters we outline the recommendations, discuss the evidence-practice gap, the economics of Nasal High Flow and survey the studies used to establish these guidelines to determine which High Flow technology was used.


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Edition 11

What systems and settings are
used in NHF research?

Surveys of the studies comprising
the body of NHF evidence found
the majority used F&P Optiflow
systems and flow settings between
45 and 60L/min.
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Edition 10

NHF is recognized by the
WHO for treatment of patients with

Read about this and research
related to airborne transmission.
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Edition 9

A bedside tool for
monitoring patients on NHF.

The validated ROX index uses just 3
data points to provide an indicator
of outcomes in adults with AHRF
receiving NHF therapy.

Stanislav Taktov, M.D., Ph.D.
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