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Keeping you up-to-date with emerging nasal high flow (NHF) clinical evidence and practice guidelines. 

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Evidence is published weekly demonstrating the impact of NHF on improved patient care and outcomes. More than 600 studies have alreay been published this year.*

Updated Edition - March 2023

Early use of NHF in infants and children 

In this update we review the literature with the addition of the PARIS 2 trial and provides an evidence-based approach to implementation of NHF in pediatric patients.

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Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines

Hundreds of randomized controlled trials have been consolidated into clinical practice guidelines. 

These guidelines underscore the breadth of application of nasal high flow therapy.

We’ve created a table that will help you review the  guidelines by patient population and application.


Interactive table 

Updated July 2023


An analysis of published studies reveals the equipment most often used to deliver NHF and most used flow rates. 

A review conducted by F&P showed that the flow rates used in the published studies ranged from 10 L/min to 60 L/min, and 84% of the studies required flows ≥ 45 L/min.

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Evidence-based guidelines recommend the use of NHF for COVID-19 patients.

Read about this and research related to airborne transmission.

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ROX Index - a bedside tool for monitoring patients on NHF.

The validated ROX index uses just 3 data points to provide an indicator of outcomes in adults with AHRF receiving NHF therapy.

Author: Stanislav Taktov, M.D., Ph.D.

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