Optiflow 3S
Nasal Cannula Interface

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Optiflow in motion

      Whether your patient is ambulatory or in need of regular repositioning, the Optiflow 3S is designed to be in motion right along
with them. Through a unique combination of fitting options, the Optiflow 3S provides you with the flexibility to set up and move your



Side-swapping capability

When moving your patient from bed to chair or repositioning them to prevent pressure injury, side swapping gives you the freedom to position the circuit, and your patient, when needed – without tangling.
F&P Optiflow 3S Nasal Cannula features headstrap management 


A secure fit ensures reduced interface displacement and consistent delivery of therapy.


A user-focussed design enables efficient fitting whilst adapting to the patient needs.


Is designed with the vulnerable tissues of the nose and upper lip in mind.
The stable design with a larger surface area leads to reduced pressure on the face and head.
* When compared to other F&P cannula, based on internal Fisher & Paykel Healthcare testing (2017).

Optiflow 3s Fitting

Features & fitting video

Learn about the key benefits of the 3S and how to effectively fit the 3S interface by watching this video.

Available in three sizes

F&P Optiflow 3S Nasal Cannula available in three sizes

OPT1042 (small)

OPT1044 (medium)

OPT1046 (large)

Product Order Code Quantity
Optiflow 3S Cannula Small OPT1042 20 per box
Optiflow 3S Cannula Medium OPT1044 20 per box
Optiflow 3S Cannula Large OPT1046  20 per box

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