Two therapies.
One circuit.
Zero compromise.

Two therapies.
One circuit.
Zero compromise.

The AirSpiral™ 2-in-1 circuit allows you to seamlessly switch between NIV and NHF while delivering clinically required levels of humidity with less condensate.* 


* Compared with F&P RT219 and RT319 heated conventional circuits during internal testing.

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Optimal Humidity


Less Condensate 

AirSpiral 2-in-1 technology produces up to 80% less condensate and 20% more humidity.*

Patient Comfort 

Small and light.

Its smoothbore internal walls enable the design of a smaller diameter tubing and reduces resistance to flow during NIV.*

The circuit clip holds the weight of the tube and allows it to be positioned to meet the needs of patient and clinician. This feature adds stability to the interface and reduces the chances of it pulling off the face.
F&P 850 AirSpiral 2in1 Setup Video


AirSpiral 2-in-1

2 Min 57 Sec

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Therapy Flexibility for NHF and NIV

No matter how you want to use NHF and NIV,  AirSpiral 2-in-1 give you ease of use because you don't need to change circuits.


To be used with the F&P MR850 Humidifier

Compatible with F&P interfaces, including:

F&P Optiflow™ 3S


F&P Nivairo™ NIV


F&P Visairo™ NIV


F&P Optiflow+




To be used with the F&P MR850 Humidifier

AirSpiral 2-in-1 Instructional Videos

Circuit and Interface Setup 

AirSpiral Circuit Set up

AirSpiral Circuit Set up

NIV and NHF Interface Set up

NIV and NHF Interface Set up

Transitions between NIV/NHF

Vented NIV mask and NHF Interface

Transitions between vented NIV mask and NHF Interface

Non-vented NIV mask and NHF Interface

Transitions between non-vented NIV mask and NHF Interface

Why delivery of Optimal Humidity is important for NHF

Optimal Humidity is the condition in which airways naturally heat and humidify inspired gas - normally reaching 37ºC and 44 mg/L H2O (body temperature and pressure, saturated or BTPS).
Heated humidified gases are integral to enabling the high flow rates for nasal high flow (NHF) therapy. A dew-point setting of 37ºC is considered the standard setting for NHF (as evidenced by clinical research1,2).
The humidification levels assist in the comfortable delivery of NHF therapy and help to emulate the natural balance of heat and humidity in the respiratory system, as well as to support mucocilliary clearance.
The AirSpiral 2-in-1 has been designed to deliver the clinically required level of humidity so your patients can experience these benefits.

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Product Codes

Part No. Description Quantity
850A61J   850 AirSpiral™ Circuit Adult NIV & NHF USA   10/box