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F&P Visairo

Hospital Full Face Bridge-free NIV™ Mask

High-performance seal enables Bridge-free NIV   

Bridge-free NIV

Dynamic Support Technology™ delivers a Bridge-free NIV experience.

The F&P Visairo™ mask eliminates nasal bridge breakdown and clears the way for an open field of vision, without compromising on stability and performance.

A hospital-acquired pressure ulcer can not only lead to therapy failure, but can also cost US hospitals from $20,900 to $151,700 per pressure ulcer.

The F&P Visairo mask features Dynamic Support Technology

The Floating Seal and Stability Wings work in synergy to create Dynamic Support Technology, which helps ensure high performance and a comfortable seal.

Designed for performance, ease of use and comfort

96% of caregivers found the F&P Visairo mask performance to be good or very good.1
98% of caregivers found the F&P Visairo mask to be easy or very easy to use.2
95% of caregivers perceived patient comfort to be good or very good.3
Visairo Fitting Video

F&P Visairo mask fitting instructions

Watch this video to learn how to size, fit, adjust and remove the mask.

Three sizes, three configurations

The F&P Visairo mask comes in three sizes - A, B and C -  and is available in three configurations, including vented and non-vented options for dual and single-limb circuits. 


Compatible with Single-limb Circuits 
Requiring Exhalation Port 


Compatible with Dual-limb Circuits 


Compatible with Single-limb Circuits 

Visairo Ready online training

The Visairo Ready online learning module is designed to help you get ready to use the mask in your unit. 

The module is quick and easy so you can complete it in your own time – you'll also recieve a certificate at the end to show that you are trained up.

The course covers a mask overview as well as mask sizing and fitting. 

Note: The button below will direct you to the F&P Education Hub

Resource download list 

Visairo Brochure

(PDF 2.8MB)


Visairo Quick Reference Guide

(PDF 0.4MB)


Visairo Setup Guide

(PDF 0.5MB)


Visairo Specification Sheet

(PDF 0.2MB)

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