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Introducing the F&P NIV mask range

Featuring full face masks with vented and non-vented options to suit your hospital noninvasive ventilation (NIV) needs

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We offer a range of NIV therapy solutions

F&P Visairo™
Full Face Bridge-free Mask

Eliminate nasal bridge pressure while providing an open field of vision. The F&P Visairo hospital NIV mask features a design that delivers on comfort, stability and performance.

F&P Nivairo™ 
Full Face Mask

A full face NIV mask with easy to use comfort features. Available in four mask sizes as well as vented and non-vented options to help you deliver quality care with ease. 

F&P 850™ 

A humidifier with two humidity settings that can be selected based on patient tolerance levels. The F&P 850 Humidifier can help you deliver quality NIV therapy to your patients.



NIV points of care

There are three interdependent points of care in NIV therapy which typically challenge clinicians daily.

Ease of care

Complicated fitting and sizing procedures can be time consuming and stressful for a clinician.

Our designs aim to provide a better NIV experience for the caregiver to help reduce the risks of therapy failure.

Facial pressure care

An incorrectly fitted mask can cause nasal bridge pressure, leading to skin breakdown and sores.

We are focused on reducing nasal bridge pressure to help prevent the development of pressure ulcers.

Comfort care

A patient in discomfort is less likely to be tolerant to NIV therapy.1

We are dedicated to providing patient comfort throughout the NIV journey to increase tolerance to NIV therapy.


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