Nasal High Flow 

Proven* respiratory support

*A review of studies comprising the body of NHF evidence found the majority used F&P Optiflow™ systems

Using Optiflow Nasal High Flow therapy to reduce the escalation of care for patients

High flow nasal cannula (HFNC), high flow therapy (HFT), high flow oxygen/therapy (HFO/T), nasal high flow (NHF), high flow nasal prongs (HFNP), high flow oxygen (HFO), humidified, high flow nasal cannula (HHFNC), heated, humidified high flow nasal cannula (HHHFNC), humidified high flow therapy (HHFT), nasal insufflation or just plain high flow (HF)

While many terms are used for this therapy, one name stands out as the way to deliver it.
Optiflow NHF therapy from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is at the forefront of the field, featuring in
hundreds of publications and appearing in such prestigious journals as the NEJM and JAMA.
Using Optiflow NHF therapy as a first-line treatment (both pre-intubation and post-extubation) may reduce
a patient’s escalation “up the acuity curve”, resulting in better patient outcomes.


Nasal High Flow for primary support - Clinical Evidence


“NHF may decrease the need for tracheal intubation"

~ Rochwerg et al, 2019.
Systematic review & Meta-analysis


“NHF may reduce the need for invasive ventilation and escalation of therapy "

~ Agarwal et al, 2020.
WHO-commissioned Systematic review & Meta-analysis

High risk patients

“NHF likely prevents reintubation and escalation of therapy"

~ Chaudhuri et al, 2020.
Systematic review & Meta-analysis

Nasal High Flow post ventilation – Clinical Evidence 


NHF reduces reintubation"

~ Granton et al, 2020.
Systematic review & Meta-analysis

(high risk patients)

NHF with NIV significantly decreased the risk of reintubation"

~ Thille et al, 2019.
Randomized controlled trial


An interview with
Dr. Jean-Pierre Frat

Nasal High Flow (NHF) - Clinical research and clinical practice

Dr. Jean-Pierre Frat, chief investigator of the landmark FLORALI study, talks to us about his experience as a researcher and clinician, reflecting on a decade of using NHF. We discuss the practical application of NHF for multiple applications in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure.
Optiflow™ Nasal High Flow at the Royal Berkshire Hospital

Royal Berkshire Hospital (a multi-department implementation)

Optiflow NHF therapy at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. This video shows the usage of the F&P Airvo™ 2 Humidified High Flow System & Optiflow NHF therapy in different departments of the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, UK. It shows the benefits they have found both to the patients and hospital since its introduction.

(3 minutes long)

Post-Extubation video

Extubating to
Optiflow NHF therapy

This video depicts extubation to Optiflow NHF therapy, and is based on the procedure used by Dr. Hernández and his colleagues' in the following studies:
Hernández et al. JAMA. 2016 (April) 1 and
Hernández et al. JAMA. 2016 (Oct.) 

Optiflow Nasal High Flow therapy newsletter - Flow Matters

Keep up to date with the latest in Optiflow Nasal High Flow therapy clinical research.

Flow Matters

Edition 11 (August 2020)

What systems and settings are used in NHF research?

Surveys of the studies comprising the body of NHF evidence found the majority used F&P Optiflow systems and flow settings between 45 and 60 L/min.
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ROX Index explained

Edition 9

(updated August 2020)

ROX* Index

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ROX* Vector

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*Roca et al. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2019.

Optiflow technology

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare technology was the first choice for the important studies published
in NEJM and JAMA, securing the place of Optiflow technology at the forefront of this exciting therapy.

Airvo 2 System

At a flow of 2 to 60 L/min, the Airvo 2 is a standalone nasal high flow system can be used across the entire care continuum, from the ED and the ICU to the floors and in the home.

Optiflow + Nasal Cannula

The Optiflow + Nasal Cannula originated from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's dedication to improve care and outcomes. 

MR850 System

The MR850 humidifier be used for the full range of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare therapies across the F&P Respiratory Care Continuum™.

Optiflow Nasal High Flow therapy Resources

Optiflow Cannula Fitting

F&P ROX index app

(Mobile App)

Optiflow Cannula Fitting

Optiflow therapy brochure

(PDF 0.9MB)
Optiflow Cannula Fitting

Flow Matters 11

NHF system/settings in the evidence (PDF)
Optiflow Cannula Fitting

Flow Matters 10

COVID-19 edition (PDF)
Optiflow Cannula Fitting

Flow Matters 9

ROX Index edition (PDF)


Using Optiflow Nasal High Flow therapy to reduce the escalation of care for patients



Optiflow Nasal High Flow



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