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The F&P 950™ System is designed with the patient's need in mind, delivering humidified therapies across the entire care continuum.

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F&P 950 System for Adults

Adult airways can face challenges from both acute and chronic conditions. Heated and humidified respiratory support promotes physiological balance and supports mucociliary clearance to promote efficient gas exchange.1 Heated humidification during respiratory support can also enhance patient comfort and therapy tolerance.2 The F&P 950 System has a wide range of circuits designed for use with the adult patient population.

When an adult breathing circuit is connected to the F&P 950 System, the device can support therapy delivery in user-selectable Invasive, Mask or Optiflow™ (nasal high flow) modes.
Close-up of female adult patient receiving invasive therapy through an ET tube
Invasive mode
Invasive mode is intended for patients with their upper airways bypassed by an endotracheal or tracheostomy tube.

Close-up of female adult patient receiving NIV therapy via Visairo mask
Mask mode
Mask mode is intended for patients whose upper airway is not bypassed and who are receiving respiratory support via a face mask or similar.

Close-up of F&P 950 System with AirSpiral™ circuit delivering Optiflow therapy to adult male patient
Optiflow mode
Optiflow mode is intended for patients who require respiratory support through an Optiflow nasal high flow interface.


F&P 950
Adult Circuits

Circuit Code Kit Description Number in Box
950A80J Adult/Pediatric Ventilator Circuit Kit 10
950A81J Adult/Pediatric Ventilator Circuit Kit (with filter) 10
950A82J Adult/Pediatric Ventilator Circuit Kit (with filter and pressure line) 10
Circuit Code Kit Description Number in Box
950A61J Bi-level/CPAP Single Limb Circuit Kit (with filter) 10
Circuit Code Kit Description Number in Box
950A42J Optiflow™ Circuit Kit 10
With three device modes and an inspiratory limb that can be used for all therapies, the F&P 950 System supports therapy transition across the care continuum, following the patient through to recovery.
F&P 950 care continuum adult and pediatric. 3 device modes


Diagram showing adult therapy transitions using one type of inspiratory limb


Circuits can be used for 14 days



Using the F&P 950 System has flow-on outcomes in several areas


Patient care



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