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F&P 950 System Mantra. Superior system performance. Easy to set-up and use. Minimized condensate.

We designed the F&P 950™ System to resolve many of the pain points you may have experienced when administering care with your present device. Advanced technology that pushes back on the challenges you face.

Easy to set up and use
 Close up of the integrated temperature and flow probes protected by SensiDome(TM) technology.
Integrated probes and SensiDomes™

Integrated temperature and flow probes support ease of use while SensiDomes remove the need for cleaning and disinfection.
Close up of a person's hand operating the F&P 950 System touch screen.
Large interactive touch screen

Easily select therapy-specific modes from a drop-down menu and interact with alarms to facilitate faster troubleshooting.
Close up of the patient end connector on an AirSpiral(TM) circuit.
Enhanced circuit versatility

One type of inspiratory limb facilitates easier transitions between therapies for up to 14 days.

Minimized condensate
Close up cut out showing AirSpiral(TM) circuit technology.
AirSpiral™ inspiratory

Integrated wall heating and insulating air bubbles reduce inspiratory limb condensate by up to 88%*.
Close up cut out of Evaqua(TM) 2 expiratory circuit technology showing a semi permeable membrane.
Evaqua™ 2 expiratory

Water vapor freely diffuses through the semi-permeable tube wall while trapping pathogens inside, decreasing expiratory limb condensate by 96%*
Close up of Thermadapt(TM) technology on AirSpiral(TM) neonatal inspiratory limb.
Thermadapt™ technology

The 1.75 m (5’ 9”) neonatal inspiratory limb incorporates Thermadapt dual-zone heating that automatically adjusts to the environment, minimizing inspiratory limb condensate.

Superior system performance
Close up of F&P 950 incoming gas temperature sensor.
Additional sensors

A network of system sensors provide real-time feedback to optimize humidity output and enhance performance. 
Close up of AirSpiral™ inspiratory limb showing PCB with unique identifier.
Adaptive humidity control

An ultra-responsive control system adjusts device power to maintain humidity output when flow and ambient conditions change.  
Close up of F&P 950 System screen in Mask mode showing comfort settings.
Customizable settings

Adjustable temperature settings in both noninvasive modes and optional alarms support system customization. 
*Compared to the F&P 850 System

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