F&P 950™ System
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Operating flow range
These flow ranges are supported from 18-26 °C for adult and 20-26 °C for neonatal.
Invasive mode:
5–60 L/min
Mask mode: 5–120 L/min
Optiflow mode: 5–70 L/min
Invasive ventilation: 0.5-40 L/min
Ventilator CPAP or NIV: 1.5-40 L/min
BCPAP: 4-15 L/min
Optiflow: 1.5-40 L/min 
Yes. The F&P 950 System can support therapy delivery for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.
Clean the humidifier using a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol or neutral detergent.

Do not immerse or autoclave the humidifier, sensor cartridge or Expiratory Heater-wire Adapter.  Do not spray liquid into the vents or onto electrical connectors. Failure to comply may result in irreparable damage to the device.
Yes. Occasionally, users may need to make some adjustments.
No. An unheated extension is not required for the delivery of all therapies due to Thermadapt™ technology, allowing all F&P 950 neonatal circuits to automatically adapt to their ambient environment.
All temperature probes in the F&P 950 are either protected by SensiDomes™ or incorporated into the disposable single-use circuit. The SensiDomes provide a microbial barrier, which removes the need for disinfection or sterilization between patients.
Adult and pediatric patients:
  • Invasive
  • Noninvasive and CPAP
  • Optiflow™ nasal high flow (NHF) or high flow oxygen therapy (HFOT)
Neonatal patients:
  • Invasive
  • Noninvasive ventilation and CPAP
  • Optiflow™ nasal high flow (NHF) or high flow oxygen therapy (HFOT)
Yes. If an adult circuit is connected, the user can change the setpoint temperature in Mask and Optiflow modes. The setpoint temperature in Invasive and Neonatal modes is fixed ay 37°C.
The F&P 950 System has an advanced internal control system and new technology that improves performance, including:
  • new circuits designed to minimize condensate
  • an enhanced color touch screen and visual alarms for greater ease of use
  • an easy and intuitive set-up procedure
  • breathing circuits with a 14-day duration of use
  • a neonatal circuit with Thermadapt™ technology that eliminates reconfiguration when moving between ambient environments.
No. All F&P 950 circuits are specific to the F&P 950 device. Each circuit type has a unique identifier, allowing the heaterbase to adjust the user interface accordingly.
The F&P 950 heaterbase will display both visual and text-based alarms on a large color, interactive touch screen. The F&P 950 alarm signal is 3 beeps repeated every 5 seconds.
Check the following:
  • The ambient environment is 18–26 °C. Outside of these conditions, condensate may form.
  • The Expiratory Heater-wire Adapter is connected to the expiratory limb (dual-limb setups only).

If you continue having trouble with condensate in your breathing circuit, please contact your F&P 950 representative.
The F&P 950 System can be used with most modern ventilators. Speak to your F&P 950 representative to find out more about compatibility with your specific ventilator.
All circuits have a 14-day duration of use.

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