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Precious new life deserves the best start possible, and the premium F&P 950™ humidification system contains the technology to help achieve this.

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F&P 950 System for Neonates

In the first month of life, neonates, particularly when born prematurely, face the challenge of establishing and maintaining a physiological balance. At this stage of life, the neonatal airway has fundamental anatomical and physiological differences to that of both pediatric and adult populations,1 creating the need for population-tailored respiratory support. A newborn’s respiratory system relies on the provision of heated and humidified gases during respiratory support to maintain physiological balance, assist the body’s natural defense mechanisms2 and conserve energy for growth and development.3

The F&P 950 technology tailors its therapy delivery for neonatal patients with a neonatal-specific operating mode, a range of neonatal-specific circuits, and Thermadapt™ technology, giving precious new life the best start possible.

When an F&P 950 neonatal breathing circuit is connected, the system defaults to a neonatal-specific mode that supports the delivery of Invasive, CPAP and Optiflow™ (nasal high flow) therapies.
Neonate invasively ventilated via ET tube in hospital environment

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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)


What's unique about the
F&P 950 neonatal circuits?

F&P 950 System delivering therapy to neonate via a FlexiTrunk™ interface

Thermadapt technology

The F&P 950 neonatal inspiratory limb incorporates Thermadapt technology, featuring:
  • Two heating zones that automatically adjust to the changing ambient conditions surrounding the circuit.
  • An integrated patient-end temperature probe.
  • A longer* 5'9" (1.75 m) inspiratory limb.
This technology removes the need for an unheated extension.

*As compared to F&P 850 System

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F&P 950
Neonatal Circuits

Circuit Code Kit Description Number in Box
950N80J Neonatal/Pediatric Ventilator Circuit Kit 10
950N81J Neonatal/Pediatric Ventilator Circuit Kit (with pressure line) 10
Circuit Code Kit Description Number in Box
950N60J Bubble CPAP Circuit Kit 10
950N61J Nasal CPAP Flow Driver Circuit Kit 10
950N62J Bubble CPAP Circuit Kit (for Hudson™ interface) 10
Circuit Code Kit Description Number in Box
950N40J Optiflow™ Junior Circuit Kit 10
With an inspiratory limb that can be used for all therapies, the F&P 950 System supports therapy transition across the care continuum, following the patient through to recovery.
F&P 950 Neonatal care continuum. Neonatal specific mode


Diagram showing neonatal therapy transitions using one type of inspiratory limb


Circuits can be used for up to 14 days



Using the F&P 950 System has flow-on outcomes in several areas


Patient care



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