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Redefining Comfort.

Comfort is unique, personal and it is the key to successful CPAP therapy1. That's why we believe comfort needs to be measured across a full night's sleep, not just during the initial consultation.

With technologies that work together to provide breathability, adaptability and stability throughout the night, F&P Vitera is a mask that redefines comfort.

Keep cool and comfortable with VentiCool™

Sweating during sleep is a well-known symptom of patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.2

Vitera headgear features proprietary breathable fabric that allows 21 times more air flow and 35% more moisture transfer than the material used in our leading range of full face masks.*

VentiCool technology helps to keep patients cool and comfortable during sleep.

*Internal testing shows the headgear with VentiCool technology allows 21 times more air-flow and 35% more moisture transfer than the headgear used in our leading full-face masks.

Freedom to move with RollFit™ XT Technology

Freedom to move with RollFit™ XT

The RollFit XT seal allows the mask to dynamically adapt as patients move during the night, keeping the seal in place, as well as reducing pressure on the bridge of the nose. The RollFit XT seal extends 93% further than the previous generation RollFit seal*.

The RollFit XT seal shape has also been designed to fit a wide range of face shapes and minimize leaks into the eyes.

*Internal testing comparing the range of motion of the F&P Vitera RollFit XT seal against the F&P Simplus RollFit seal.

Stable and secure with dynamic stability

The stability bar and RollFit XT seal provide dynamic stability to keep the seal comfortable and secure during the night.

93% of patients rated the Vitera as equally or more stable than their usual mask3
88% of patients could sleep in their preferred sleep position throughout the night4
90% of patients rated the Vitera as equally or more comfortable on the face compared to their usual mask5

Ease-of-use features


Easy adjustment for best fit.

forehead clip

Reduces headgear tangling.

colour cues

Blue highlights on the mask to assist with mask use.


Designed to remain secure throughout the night.

Support when
it matters most

The F&P myMask™ App is designed to support patient mask setup. F&P myMask helps you and your patients effectively fit, fine-tune and clean F&P CPAP* masks for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

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Vitera Fitting Video

Vitera Fitting Video

Vitera Cleaning Video

Vitera Cleaning Video

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Reorder Codes

Mask Reorder Codes

Code Description
VIT1SU Vitera Mask Full Face Small U Model
VIT1MU Vitera Mask Full Face Medium U Model
VIT1LU Vitera Mask Full Face Large U Model

Spare Part Reorder Codes

Code Description
400VIT131 Vitera Mask Full Face Mask No Headgear Small*
400VIT132 Vitera Mask Full Face Mask No Headgear Medium*
400VIT133 Vitera Mask Full Face Mask No Headgear Large*
400VIT111 Vitera Seal Small Spare
400VIT112 Vitera Seal Medium Spare
400VIT113 Vitera Seal Large Spare
400VIT121 Vitera Headgear Small
400VIT122 Vitera Headgear Medium/Large
400FPH241 F&P Swivel
400VIT151 Vitera Clips and Forehead Clip
400VIT171 Vitera Elbow

*Not available in all countries.


Resource download list

Vitera Dynamic Stability Brochure

(PDF 0.4MB)


Vitera Mask Disinfection & Sterilization

(PDF 0.5MB)


Vitera Patient Brochure

(PDF 0.9MB)


Vitera Specification Sheet

(PDF 1.6MB)


Vitera User Instructions

(PDF 0.0MB)