AIRVO™ 2 Humidified High Flow System

World-leading respiratory technology

The AIRVO 2 system utilizes leading-edge technology to provide an effective and versatile solution for delivering Optiflow™ Nasal High Flow in all areas of the hospital.

AIRVO setup and use videos

AIRVO™ 2  Introduction
AIRVO 2 Introduction
AIRVO™ 2  Set-up
AIRVO 2 Set-up
AIRVO™ 2  Use
AIRVO™ 2  Reprocessing
AIRVO 2 Reprocessing
AIRVO 2 System Setup

What is the AIRVO?

Humidifier with integrated flow generator

The AIRVO 2 system features a humidifier with integrated flow source that comfortably delivers high flows of air/oxygen mixtures to spontaneously breathing patients, through a variety of interfaces.

The AIRVO 2 with its wide range of accessories is an integrated system providing versatility, mobility and convenience.

Introducing the AirSpiral™ tube
for less condensate*

The AirSpiral tube produces up to 93% less condensate* than a previous AIRVO tube.

Less condensate may reduce interruptions to therapy.

*When compared with AIRVO tube 900PT501 in internal F&P testing


AIRVO product key features

AIRVO Heated breathing tube

AirSpiral heated breathing tube

  • Dual spiral heater wires and unique integrated temperature sensor.
  • No separate temperature probes or heater-wire adapters required.
AIRVO interfaces

Variety of Optiflow interfaces

  • The AIRVO 2 can be used with Optiflow™ nasal interfaces as well as direct-connect tracheostomy and mask interfaces.
AIRVO complete system

A complete system for delivering the benefits of humidification and flow

  • The F&P AIRVO 2, with its wide range of accessories, provides versatility, mobility and convenience.
AIRVO helpful onscreen animations

Designed for simple setup, use and cleaning

  • Helpful onscreen animations assist with setup and troubleshooting.
AIRVO Adjustable temperature and flow settings

Adjustable temperature and flow settings

  • Three temperature settings (37, 34, 31 °C) help achieve comfort and compliance.
  • Integrated flow generator delivers a wide flow range (2 - 60 L/min) for both pediatric and adult patients - no wall air supply required.
AIRVO Supplementary oxygen

Controlled oxygen delivery (when required)

  • Oxygen from a concentrator or cylinder can be added.
  • Inbuilt ultrasonic analyzer requires no calibration, service or replacement.

AIRVO 2 across the care continuum

The AIRVO 2 system enables the transition of Optiflow™ across critical and non-critical areas of the hospital. Piped air is unnecessary and flows can be delivered up to 60 L/min. Clinicians can control the maximum flow and FiO2 delivered by the device to suit their requirements in non-critical areas. 

To continue the therapy once discharged from the hospital, the F&P myAIRVO™ has been specifically designed for the needs of patients in the home and for long-term care.

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Optiflow Junior Cannula

Next generation care for our smallest AIRVO customers.

Optiflow+ Tracheostomy Interface

An interface designed to deliver optimally humidified gas directly into the tracheostomy.

Optiflow+ Mask Interface Adapter

Connects to tracheostomy mask interface with a standard 22 mm medical taper.

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An AIRVO™ in your pocket 

Download the AIRVO 2 simulator app and have this great learning/teaching tool at your fingertips.

 Use the app to:

  • Learn how to use the AIRVO 2
  • Teach others how to use the AIRVO 2 quickly and easily
  • Test your skills

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