F&P InfoSmart Web enables efficient patient compliance tracking and reporting through its intuitive and easy-to-use software, giving you more time to spend with your patients.

Proactively Manage Compliance

F&P InfoSmart Web gives you an instant overview of patient adherence by visually identifying how patients are tracking on a real-time dashboard. Color-coding helps to manage your time, with patients assigned a color based on their compliance status to indicate where early intervention is necessary.


Effective management of patients between homecare providers and physicians is important in delivering quality patient care. F&P InfoSmart Web allows a physician the ability to manage their own patients and those patients a homecare provider has assigned to them in a single account, improving patient outcomes.

Remote Prescription Update

Therapy and prescription settings can be adjusted and applied to a CPAP device remotely. Prescriptions are automatically delivered to all devices with InfoGSM modem.

Retrieve Data Efficiently

Retrieving data in a timely manner is crucial to improving patient outcomes and achieving business success. F&P InfoSmart Web provides you with a range of innovative, cost-effective and flexible data retrieval solutions. Each option is compatible across the F&P ICON family for ease of inventory management.

Other Features

Feature Benefit
Simple workflows InfoSmart Web was designed to be intuitive. It offers simple workflows that guide you through the process of patient set up and monitoring. It also proactively identifies patients with compliance issues, helping you to create time efficiencies in your busy day.
Scalable Created with various organisations in mind InfoSmart Web serves organisations of all sizes. Segregation to headquarters, regions and location lets you seamlessly manage all you offices. At the same time InfoSmart Web keeps your patient data logical structured and secure thanks to the robust user management rules.
User friendly We are committed to excellent usability and beautiful design. Being aware of how complex healthcare software might be, we do go an extra mile when working on our system interfaces. Through the customer engagement and iteratively implemented improvements we make our systems easy, intuitive and elegant. 
Secure We utilise industry-best practices to effectively secure and protect all data transmitted and stored in the system. InfoSmart Web also regularly undergoes external independent security checks to make sure we provide the best service possible to our customers. 



The following videos can be shared with patients to help them transfer their sleep data to their healthcare provider.

Downloading Sleep Data from Your F&P ICON+
Downloading Sleep Data from Your F&P ICON+
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InfoGSM quick-start guide
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