Our Communities

We seek to build and nurture strong, lasting partnerships with local communities and organisations relevant to our company and people.

Through a combination of financial and in-kind support, we have implemented and sponsored various community development programmes, particularly in the areas of science and technology. As we continue to grow, our capacity to expand and enhance these important programmes will also increase.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare provides financial sponsorship of the Auckland-based Middlemore Foundation, Auckland City Hospital, and the Intensive Care Foundation in Australia. Each year, we employ a large number of university students at our New Zealand manufacturing and R&D site.
We run a comprehensive programme of educational events, where we visit local schools and universities to discuss career pathways in STEM*. We also sponsor a range of events and organisations in the science and engineering fields. These have included ‘She Sharp’, which encourages women to take up careers in ICT and other tech-related fields, ‘Future in Tech’, where we provide ambassadors to help run visits to local schools to talk about STEM careers, and ‘South Sci’, mentoring of students undertaking scientific projects in local schools.
We are listed on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges. We value the support and confidence of our shareholders and our Board seeks to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance and investor relations best practice. We return a large proportion of our profit to shareholders as dividends.
The company has also established a dedicated corporate social responsibility (CSR) group, which promotes and assists in the coordination of CSR initiatives across the company.
Clinical studies are an important element in building confidence in the efficacy of our products, particularly in new clinical settings. We support clinical research that validates improvements in patient outcomes that our products can deliver, and we work closely with clinicians and healthcare organisations to support these studies and identify ways in which our products can help them provide better healthcare solutions.

*STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Memberships of associations

  • Business New Zealand
  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • Latin America New Zealand Business Council
  • Medical Technology Association New Zealand
  • Australasian Investor Relations Association
  • Employers and Manufacturers Association
  • Diversity Works
  • Sustainable Business Network
  • Sleep Health Foundation
  • Australasian Sleep Association
  • Corporate members of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses
  • Colorectal Society of Australia and New Zealand
  • Guangdong Investment Promotion Association in China
  • Taipei Medical Instruments Commercial Association
  • Japan Association of Medical Devices Industries
  • The Japan Fair Trade Council of the Medical Devices Industry
  • Japan Association of Health Industry Distributors
  • Association for Anaesthetic and Respiratory Device Suppliers
  • American Association of Respiratory Care
  • National Association for Medical Direction of Respiratory Care
  • American Association of Homecare
  • International Organisation for Standardisation /Technical Committee 121
  • International Electrotechnical Commission /Technical Committee 62
Kids participating in SouthSci Community Programme

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Sustainable Tax Strategy 

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare understands that collecting and paying tax is an important contribution to the economies, societies and communities in which we operate. In support of our overall business strategy and objectives, we pursue a tax strategy that is principled, transparent and sustainable in the long term. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s tax contribution includes the payment of corporate income taxes, employment related taxes and other taxes that we pay or collect on behalf of governments.  We support the OECD Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) Statement of Tax Principles for International Business and have endorsed these principles in our published Group Tax Strategy which was reviewed and approved by our Board in November 2018.  

Our tax strategy sets out our approach to tax governance and tax management aligned to our conservative appetite for tax risk with the key purposes to ensure that we comply with all of our tax obligations, undertake all transactions with a business purpose considering all of our stakeholders and have an open and transparent relationship with tax authorities. 

Our business model is centred in New Zealand and the functions, assets and risks of implementing our strategy mean that the majority of our taxes are paid in New Zealand. Most of our manufacturing activities and tangible assets are located in New Zealand.  Substantially all of our R&D is performed in New Zealand and the associated intellectual property is owned in New Zealand.