Dividend reinvestment plan strike price and AUD FX rate for final dividend

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited advises that the strike price for the dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) operating in respect of the dividend payable on Friday 7 July 2023 has been set at NZ$23.5961 per share. The strike price is calculated as the volume weighted average sale price for an ordinary share calculated on all price-setting trades of shares which took place through the NZX Main Board over a period of five trading days immediately following the dividend record date of 27 June 2023.
Shareholders who have elected to participate in the DRP reinvest their dividends to receive additional shares, rather than cash. The number of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare shares to which participants are entitled is calculated by multiplying the net dividend per share by the number of that participant’s participating shares and then dividing that number by the issue price of NZ$23.5961, rounded down to the nearest whole share. The DRP offer document setting out the terms and conditions of the plan and further details of its operations is now available on the company’s website at www.fphcare.com/drp.
The company also advises that the foreign exchange rate used for the payment of the dividend on 7 July 2023 to Australian investors in AUD has been set at 0.9204.

About Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for use in acute and chronic respiratory care, surgery and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. The company’s products are sold in more than 120 countries worldwide. For more information about the company, visit our website www.fphcare.com.


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