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What is the best CPAP mouth mask?

Sleep apnea treatment Nov, 01 2023

Reasons why a full-face mask could be suitable for mouth breathers

Some people may breathe through their mouths throughout the night as they sleep, particularly those with respiratory problems such as asthma.  

If you are a mouth breather, you may prefer to use a CPAP* mouth or oral mask. However, a more popular choice for people who breathe through their mouths is a full-face CPAP mask. 

A full-face mask seals around or under the nose and mouth, enabling you to breathe through both. Sealed well, this style of mask can help prevent you from waking up with a dry mouth or sore throat.  

However, if you would like less of a mask footprint on your face, you could consider using a nasal or nasal pillows mask with a chin strap.  

Nasal masks cover only the nose, while nasal pillows are placed inside the nares to direct air into the nose.  

If you still breathe through your mouth while wearing these masks, a chin strap can provide additional support to keep your mouth closed as you sleep. A chin strap is worn under the chin and around the back of your head, and it may also help prevent you from waking with a dry mouth.  

Whichever you choose, the best mask will be the one that provides you with the most effective therapy.  

And, for your therapy to be effective, you need a mask that not only fits well to hold a secure seal, but is comfortable enough to help you to sleep through the night. 1

A popular Fisher & Paykel Healthcare mask for mouth breathers is the F&P EvoraTM Full
 mask. This mask is clinically proven to function as effectively as a nasal mask. It is a good solution for mouth breathers and patients with chronic nasal obstruction. 2,3

Meanwhile, F&P Vitera
 is also a full-face mask that mouth breathers may find suitable. This mask has the added support of a stability bar that works with RollFit XT technology to maintain an effective and comfortable seal.

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