F&P 950 System

Redefining expectations

Introducing the F&P 950™ Humidification System.

Enhanced usability. Minimized condensation. Advanced protection.

The F&P 950 is a premium performance humidification system that delivers more benefits to patients and healthcare providers.

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F&P 950 System with AirSpiral™ circuit in hospital environment
Improving patient care and outcomes is at the core of what we do

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is passionate about producing world-leading healthcare solutions and is driven by innovation that enhances user experience and improves patient outcomes. That passion is why we have advanced the design of the MR850 to produce the F&P 950, a heated humidifier that offers even greater usability and system performance.

Discover what premium humidification system performance is.

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Easy to set up and use. Advanced Protection. Minimal condensation.

F&P 950 System
Features and Benefits

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has pioneered respiratory humidification for more than 50 years. The F&P 950 respiratory humidifier has evolved on the strength of our own research and 20 years of feedback generated from the MR850. We call this progression Premium System Performance.

  • One system for all solutions. Supporting the delivery of invasive, noninvasive/CPAP and Optiflow™ nasal high flow therapies.
  • Enhanced usability. With minimal assembly connections and an integrated touch screen.
  • Minimized condensation. Using Evaqua™ 2 expiratory, AirSpiral™ inspiratory and Thermadapt™ technologies.
  • Advanced Protection. User-friendly alarms, SensiDomes™ probe barriers and advanced control algorithms.
  • Therapy transition. With a single type of inspiratory limb and circuits with a 14-day use period, the F&P 950 System supports transition across the care continuum following the patient through to recovery.

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Using the F&P 950 System has flow-on outcomes in several areas


Patient care



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