Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Introduces New Range of Products for AIRVO™ Nasal High Flow System

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited (NZSX:FPH, ASX:FPH) today announced the introduction of a range of innovative new products for use with the AIRVO 2 system. These new products, used in delivering nasal high flow therapy, include the Optiflow™+ nasal cannula range, AirSpiral™ tube and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) transport system for continuous therapy during transport within the hospital.

“The leading-edge technologies included in our new Optiflow+ nasal cannula and AirSpiral tube originate from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s dedication to improve care and outcomes, giving clinicians confidence in the comfortable delivery of nasal high flow therapy” said Lewis Gradon, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s Senior Vice President of Products and Technology. “More and more clinicians around the world are choosing to use our AIRVO 2 nasal high flow therapy system with Optiflow as an alternative to conventional low flow oxygen therapy. The new technologies that we are announcing today have given clinicians even more reason to make the change.”

The new range of Optiflow+ nasal cannula improve comfort and stability and feature soft contoured prongs and cheek pads that simplify eating, drinking and communication compared to face masks. The unique dual connector fits all F&P circuits and is compatible with both F&P AIRVO and F&P 850™ systems. The new cannulas also include F&P’s Evaqua™ technology, which reduces the formation of condensate as the permeable membrane allows water to freely diffuse through the walls of the tubing.

The new AirSpiral tube for AIRVO 2 utilises an advanced two-spiral design which produces up to 96% less condensate than previous tube technology. Less condensate means fewer therapy interruptions and, along with AirSpiral’s reduced size and weight, improved patient care.

The addition of an UPS to the AIRVO 2 system opens up a world of possibilities for delivering nasal high flow “on the move” throughout hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Continuous power means continuous therapy: during transport between emergency rooms, intensive care units, general care areas and radiology departments, as well as during rehabilitation or diagnostic procedures.

“The addition of the UPS to the AIRVO 2 means that patients can stay on the same therapy and same equipment, simplifying patient care as well as reducing workload and costs. We believe this will facilitate accelerated growth of Optiflow nasal high flow therapy throughout the hospital, including in general care areas and in the emergency department” concluded Mr Gradon.

The new Optiflow+ nasal cannula range, AirSpiral tube and UPS transport system for AIRVO 2 are currently available in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and in select European markets, with a global rollout planned throughout 2015 and early 2016.

The new Optiflow+ nasal cannula.

The AIRVO 2 flow generator with AirSpiral tube and Uninterruptible Power Supply

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