The myAirvo therapy system – humidified high flow for home use

Ease symptoms.
Reduce escalation of care.
Improve quality of life.

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Frequent coughs, breathlessness and hospitalization can seriously impact the wellbeing of patients with respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The myAirvo™ system delivers humidified high flow therapy to chronic respiratory patients at home and in long-term care facilities.

Humidified high flow therapy delivers a mix of warm, moist air and supplementary oxygen (when required) to help COPD patients:

Ease respiratory disease symptoms1,2,5
Reduce escalation of care1,3,5
Improve quality of life1-5
myAirvo 2

Deliver Optimal Humidity using advanced respiratory technology with myAirvo 2.

Optiflow™ interfaces

Ensure comfort and fit with a range of nasal cannulas, tracheostomy and mask adapter interfaces, including pediatric sizes.

myAirvo 3

Use InfoSmart™ Web to remotely monitor patients receiving humidified high-flow therapy with the myAirvo 3.


For the delivery of humidified high flow therapy in hospitals

Airvo 2™ delivers nasal high flow therapy to a broad range of patients in all areas of the hospital.

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