Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Releases New Infant Cannula

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited announced today the introduction of F&P Optiflow™ Junior 2, a new infant cannula range used for nasal high flow therapy.
F&P Optiflow Junior 2
F&P Optiflow Junior 2 is a range of nasal cannula specifically designed for neonates, infants and children undergoing nasal high flow therapy. It builds on the highly successful F&P Optiflow Junior, the market leading infant cannula used in hospitals around the world for respiratory care.
The new cannula includes innovative new Waveflex™ technology, which allows the cannula to flex with facial movement while delivering therapy, helping to keep the nasal prongs securely in place during treatment.
“The Waveflex technology is an extremely smart adaptation to our award-winning Optiflow Junior cannula,” said Vice President - Products and Technology, Andrew Somervell. “The Waveflex design means that the patient is getting the full benefits of uninterrupted therapy, which gives caregivers confidence that the therapy is fitting and working well without the need for regular adjustment or checking.”
“It seems simple, but this innovation comes from an exceptional understanding of our patients and their care providers,” said Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Lewis Gradon. “Our R&D teams spend a lot of time in hospitals understanding what’s needed, and then undertaking an iterative prototyping process to find a design solution. This is an excellent example of what we do really well as a company.”
In addition, the new cannula will accommodate a wider range of patients through the introduction of an extra small size, which may fit smaller babies down to 0.5kg.
F&P Optiflow Junior 2 also retains the popular features of Optiflow Junior, such as the non-kinking tube, minimisation of condensate and Wigglepads™ (application pads). It is currently available in New Zealand and Australia, and will be available in other countries on receipt of the required regulatory clearances.
About Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
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