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[The ROX Index] Is there a bedside tool that provides an indicator of nasal high flow outcomes?

The recent addition of the ROX index, calculated from 3 data points collected at the bedside, can provide an indicator of nasal high flow (NHF) outcome in the first few hours of treatment, and beyond. 
Calculating a ROX score

ROX Index explained and educational tools

The ROX*index* combines three common measurements: FiO2, SpO2, and respiratory rate, and is based on two well-known facts: 1. Sicker patients require more oxygen, and 2. Have a higher respiratory rate. The index has been validated in a multi-center prospective study on 191 patients with pneumonia.*

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ROX* Index

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ROX* Vector

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*Roca et al. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2019.