In response to customer queries, we confirm that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks do not contain magnets.
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Mask leak can ruin dreams…

Greater zone of support

of patients rate leak as a major problem
with their previous mask.1

Graph - Complaints received for patient's previous mask

Mask leak can create a ‘cascade’ of other issues for patients during the night

A survey conducted with 126 experienced CPAP patients showed struggle with discomfort, facial marks, noise and pressure around their nose.

How is Dynamic Support Technology™ designed to minimize the likelihood of mask leak?

Dynamic Support is the term used to describe how the mask stability bar works in conjunction with RollFit seal to provide stability while allowing the seal adjusts dynamically to patient movements. That is why F&P Eson™ 2 and F&P Vitera™ feature Dynamic Support Technology.


Greater zone of support

What are patient outcomes from a mask with 
Dynamic Support Technology?

In 2019, a mask with Dynamic Support Technology (F&P Simplus™) was provided to Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers in the United States of America. DMEs were encouraged to provide these kits to those patients currently facing mask issues or interested in trying something new. Surveys were conducted and data collected from 55 DMEs and 132 sleep apnea patients comparing their previous mask to their current Dynamic Support Technology mask.


of patients experienced less mask leak than their previous mask.4


of patients expressed no discomfort complaints.5


of Healthcare Professionals rated this mask with Dynamic Support Technology performance as 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (great).6

Dynamic Support Technology is a propriety technology of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Available in the F&P Vitera and F&P Eson 2.

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