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When should I replace my CPAP mask parts?

Sleep apnea support Nov, 01 2023

Your guide to keeping your mask in an ideal condition for use

CPAP* masks are reusable medical devices made up of a range of materials.

They are typically made of plastic, silicone and fabric. With daily use, these materials may wear down over time.

Inspect your mask regularly to ensure it is in an ideal condition. 

In general, the mask should be replaced no later than 12 months after the date it was first used.

Some CPAP mask parts may need replacement before others. These can be replaced when needed or it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire mask instead. That decision is dependent on your needs. 

When properly maintained and regularly cleaned, your CPAP mask will not need replacing until the end of its life cycle.  

The user instructions that come with your mask provide you with the details on how to inspect it and when your mask should be replaced. 


How to inspect your mask

1. Inspect the seal

Check the soft seal for tears and the hard plastic for cracks. Ensure the seal is clean and damage free. 

2. Inspect the swivel, tube and frame 

These should be clean and free from damage.

3. Inspect the headgear 

This should be clean and damage-free. The straps should hold secure. 

If you have any damaged mask parts, they may need replacing. Please contact your healthcare provider for advice.

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