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What are the best CPAP masks for women?

Sleep apnea treatment Nov, 01 2023

Take time to consider your preferred sleeping and breathing styles

Female or male, the best CPAP* mask will be the one that fits comfortably and has a secure seal because that is the mask that will support you to continue your therapy and enjoy better sleep.1 

Finding the mask that meets those criteria comes down to personal preference. Women, just as men, should consider their facial features, breathing style, and what position they prefer to sleep in when selecting what style of mask to use.2 

While a person who breathes through their mouth may prefer a full-face mask that covers their nose and mouth, this option may not be suitable for those who feel claustrophobic with that amount of facial coverage.2  

Meanwhile, active sleepers and those who sleep on their sides should look for a mask that is secure so it will not dislodge while you sleep, but comfortable enough so you wear it consistently.  

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