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What does a CPAP mask do?

Sleep apnea treatment Oct, 27 2023

Why choosing the right mask for you is key to therapy success

Your mask is a vital component of CPAP* therapy.

The CPAP device transports pressurized air through a tube to your mask which delivers it via your nose or mouth (or both) to your upper airway. The constant air pressure keeps the airway open and obstruction free, enabling you to breathe uninterrupted during sleep. Read more about what CPAP therapy is here.    

It is therefore important you find a mask that suits your individual needs so the CPAP device can effectively perform its task.   

When selecting a mask, you should give thought to what sleeping position you prefer, whether you breathe through your nose or mouth, if your nostrils are sensitive and whether you would feel ‘closed in’ wearing a full-face mask.   

Follow the links below for information that may help you decide on the mask that is best for you.

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