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What are the best CPAP masks for men with beards?

Sleep apnea treatment Jan, 23 2024

Mask features to consider if you have facial hair

Although there is no 'best' CPAP* mask for people with facial hair, a secure seal and comfort are among the mask attributes a wearer should consider because these are what will help them receive the most effective therapy.1 

Having a beard, moustache, or any other facial hair can cause problems with the mask's ability to seal effectively, which can result in excessive air leaks that will make the therapy less effective. 

Therefore, the best CPAP masks for people with facial hair are those that you can adjust in size to accommodate your beard or moustache.2  Masks made with soft, breathable and stretchable straps will help wearers get a more individual fit.

A minimalistic mask design is less likely to 'interfere’ with your beard or goatee or obstruct your field of vision. Mask wearers with this type of facial hair could consider: 

  • Nasal masks or sub-nasal masks, which form a seal directly around or under the nose. 

  • Nasal pillows CPAP masks that have prongs that fit into the nostrils. 

If you prefer to breathe through your mouth, a full-face mask could be the better option for you. You will need to select one that has a soft dynamic seal so that it continues working when you move during your sleep and does not cause friction with your beard, moustache, or goatee. 

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