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What is the best CPAP mask for stomach sleepers?

Sleep apnea treatment Jan, 23 2024

Mask ideas to consider for those who sleep on their stomachs

Of all the sleep positions, sleeping on your stomach is the rarest... and it is also the style that presents unique challenges for CPAP* mask wearers.1 

When sleeping in this position, therapy users may experience discomfort and excessive air leaks as the mask presses on their faces or dislodges from position as they sleep.  

If you sleep on your stomach, you may find the minimalist design of nasal and nasal pillows masks are more comfortable. 

Nasal masks 

These masks cover the nose or sit under the nose and are held in place with headgear straps. Some may feature stability bars (T-pieces). 

Nasal pillows masks  

A smaller-sized mask, nasal pillows (or cushions) sit under your nostrils and rest above your top lip. 

If you breathe through your mouth, are prone to nose bleeds or nasal congestion, you may consider a full-face or oral mask.  

Whatever mask you choose, the best CPAP mask is the one that has an effective seal and is comfortable enough for you to wear throughout the night for your therapy to be effective. 

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