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What is the best nasal CPAP mask?

Sleep apnea treatment Jan, 23 2024

Features you could consider with a nasal mask

Nasal CPAP* masks cover the nose or sit under the nose and are held in place with headgear straps. Some may feature stability bars (T-pieces). 

You may prefer a nasal CPAP mask if you:1

  • are an active sleeper 

  • feel claustrophobic wearing a full-face mask  

  • use low to medium pressure settings 

  • have a beard or goatee (but not a moustache) 

  • breathe through your nose when you sleep 

  • prefer to sleep on your side. 

There are several different nasal mask designs, all of which are designed to meet your personal preference and sleeping habits. 

However, the best nasal mask is the one that provides the most effective therapy, fitting well enough to hold a secure seal and comfortable enough to allow you to sleep through the night.2 

Always look for a seal that delivers on security and comfort to help avoid noisy, excessive mask leak. Adjustable mask straps can customize your mask for the best fit possible, while breathable, flexible headgear can help keep you cool throughout the night.

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