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What is the most comfortable CPAP mask?

Sleep apnea treatment Oct, 27 2023

Tips to choosing the mask most suited to you

Successful CPAP* therapy begins with choosing the right mask.1

You need to be compliant with your CPAP therapy to enjoy better quality sleep, which means you should wear your CPAP mask consistently every time you sleep. Your CPAP mask needs to be comfortable to do so.

Finding a comfortable CPAP mask can be confusing. Masks do not arrive in a one-size-fits-all package – there are many types and they come in a wide variety of sizes.  

Your individual needs and preferences play a major role in selecting the right mask. You should consider your: 

  • facial features  

  • sleeping position

  • breathing style.

You should also take the mask materials into consideration. If you sweat a lot during sleep, fabrics that dissipate heat could be ideal for you.

Concerned about the mask leaving indents or marks on the face? If so, you should take the softness and flexibility of the mask straps and cushion into consideration when buying a mask.   

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