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What is the smallest CPAP mask?

Sleep apnea treatment Jan, 23 2024

We highlight three compact style masks

Your mask needs to be comfortable for you to wear it consistently for CPAP* therapy success, which is why people who may feel uncomfortable with a larger mask footprint on their face could benefit from smaller, compact CPAP masks.  

There are a number of minimalist CPAP masks to choose from. 

  • Nasal masks, which form a seal around the nose.  

  • Nasal pillows masks have prongs that fit in the nostrils, and headgear and straps to hold the mask in place. 

  • Sub-nasal masks sit under the nose like a cradle.  

These small CPAP masks may be ideal if you experience claustrophobia wearing a mask which has a larger footprint on the face or if you prefer to sleep on your side. Because there are fewer touch points between your face and the mask, a more compact nasal mask could also be better suited to you if you have sensitive skin.

Whatever mask you choose, it is important to remember the most effective masks are those that have a secure seal and are comfortable to wear throughout the night. Without these attributes, your treatment can be compromised. 

It is important to take your personal preference, facial features and sleeping style into account when selecting your mask, e.g., a nasal mask may not be suitable for people who breathe only through their mouths.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has created a range of smaller CPAP masks.

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