Annual Shareholders’ Meeting Results, Director Announcements and Director Independence

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited advises that all resolutions put to the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting held in Auckland today were passed. The seven resolutions were:

Resolution 1: To re-elect Tony Carter as a Director.

Resolution 2: To re-elect Geraldine McBride as a Director.

Resolution 3: To elect Pip Greenwood as a Director.

Resolution 4: To approve the remuneration of Directors.

Resolution 5: To authorise the Directors to fix the fees and expenses of the Company’s auditor.

Resolution 6: To approve the issue of share rights to Lewis Gradon as set out in the Notice of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2017.

Resolution 7: To approve the issue of options to Lewis Gradon as set out in the Notice of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2017.

All resolutions were decided by poll. The details of the total number of votes cast in person or by proxy on the polls were as follows:

Resolution Votes For % Votes Against Total Votes Cast Abstain
Resolution 1 Re-election of
Tony Carter
351,603,320 98.21 6,403,875 358,007,195 396,170
Resolution 2: Re-election of Geraldine McBride 357,781,249 99.90 351,434 358,132,683 270,682
Resolution 3: Election of Pip Greenwood 357,673,616 99.90 363,872 358,037,488 365,877
Resolution 4: Approval of remuneration of Directors 354,277,494 99.68 1,132,929 355,410,423 611,423
Resolution 5: Authorise Directors to fix fees and expenses of auditor 357,954,772 99.94 223,507 358,178,279 225,086
Resolution 6: Issue of share rights to Lewis Gradon 338,138,936 93.98 21,646,301 359,785,237 526,130
Resolution 7: Issue of options to Lewis Gradon 338,122,803 93.98 21,643,771 359,766,574 544,793

Independence of Directors

In accordance with NZX Listing Rule 3.3.3(a), the Board has determined that Tony Carter, Pip Greenwood, Geraldine McBride, Arthur Morris, Donal O’Dwyer and Scott St John are independent directors.

The factors that the Board considers in assessing the independence of directors are set out in the Board Charter, which can be viewed on the company’s website:

Contact: Ed Timmins, Company Secretary on +64 9 574 0164.  For more information about the company visit our website