T-piece circuits

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has three types of T-piece circuits: classic, ergonomic and humidified.

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Our classic, ergonomic and humidified T-piece circuits can be connected to a mask or endotracheal tube and they all feature positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) valves for adjusting pressure.

Classic T-piece circuit

The classic T-piece circuit has a standard T-piece to connect to a mask or endotracheal tube along with a PEEP valve to adjust pressure.


Ergonomic T-piece circuit

In addition to the classic T-piece features, the ergonomic T-piece circuit includes a duckbill port for suctioning and delivering surfactant during resuscitation.

This T-piece circuit also has a blue protective cover that can be used to set and check pressure. The angled orientation of the PEEP valve has been designed to allow operators to use a more ergonomic hand position.


Humidified T-piece circuit

F&P Healthcare’s humidified T-piece circuit, incorporating a spiral heater-wire throughout the circuit tubing, is designed to deliver warm, humidified gas using the MR850 heaterbase and the MR290 auto-fill humidification chamber.

Resuscitation with heated and humidified gas is associated with a higher rate of normothermia (rectal temperature between 36.5 °C and 37.5 °C) on admission to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).1


F&P 850 System

Reliable. Adaptable. Robust.

The F&P 850™ System delivers heated, humidified support across the respiratory care continuum.

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Product codes
Product code Description Quantity
RD1300-10 Single-use ergonomic T‑piece circuit* 10/box
900RD010 Single-use classic T‑piece circuit* 10/box
900RD110 Single-use humidified T‑piece circuit** 10/box
Suitable for use with the:
* Neopuff™ T-piece resuscitator
** Neopuff T-piece resuscitator and the F&P 850 System (when delivering humidified resuscitation)
Support resources

Neopuff Classic T-Piece Specification Sheet (900RD010)

(PDF 1.2MB)


Neopuff Classic T-Piece User Instructions (900RD010)

(PDF 0.0MB)


Neopuff Humidified Setup Swing Tag

(PDF 5.2MB)


Neopuff Humidified T-Piece Circuit Specification Sheet (900RD110)

(PDF 1.0MB)


Neopuff Humidified T-Piece Circuit User Instructions (900RD110)

(PDF 4.1MB)


Neopuff RD900 Specification Sheet

(PDF 0.0MB)


Neopuff RD900 Technical Manual

(PDF 2.0MB)


Neopuff RD900 User Instructions

(PDF 4.8MB)


Neopuff™ Ergonomic T-Piece Specification Sheet

(PDF 0.4MB)

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