Annual Shareholders' Meeting Results, Director Announcements and Director Independence

Auckland, New Zealand, 20 August 2014 - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited (NZSX:FPH, ASX:FPH) advises that all resolutions put to the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting held in Auckland today were passed.

The six resolutions were:
  • Resolution 1: To re-elect Tony Carter as a Director.
  • Resolution 2: To re-elect Lindsay Gillanders as a Director.
  • Resolution 3: To authorise the Directors to fix the fees and expenses of the Company’s auditor.
  • Resolution 4: To approve the increase of the maximum aggregate amount of remuneration payable by the Company to non-executive Directors (in their capacity as Directors) by NZ$150,000 from NZ$800,000 per annum to NZ$950,000 per annum with effect from 1 April 2015.
  • Resolution 5: To approve the issue of share rights to Michael Daniell as set out in the Notice of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2014.
  • Resolution 6: To approve the issue of options to Michael Daniell as set out in the Notice of Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2014.

All resolutions were decided by poll. The details of the total number of votes cast in person or by proxy on the polls were as follows:
Resolution Votes For % Votes Against Total Votes Cast Abstain
Resolution 1 Re-election of
Tony Carter
312,085,388 97.73% 7,232,761 319,318,149 834,744
Resolution 2: Re-election of Lindsay Gillanders 316,036,816 98.78% 3,910,028 319,946,844 206,049
Resolution 3: Authorise Directors to fix fees and expenses of auditor 318,707,415 99.61% 1,235,288 319,942,703 210,190
Resolution 4: Directors’ remuneration 311,676,418 98.85% 3,635,706 315,312,124 379,686
Resolution 5: Issue of share rights to Michael Daniell 313,390,140 98.40% 5,087,380 318,477,520 229,579
Resolution 6: Issue of options to Michael Daniell 313,188,967 98.35% 5,256,473 318,445,440 261,659
Independence of Directors
In accordance with NZX Listing Rule 3.3.3(a), the Board has determined that Tony Carter, Roger France, Lindsay Gillanders, Geraldine McBride, Arthur Morris and Donal O’Dwyer are independent directors.
The factors that the Board considers in assessing the independence of directors are set out in the Board Charter, which can be viewed on the company’s website:
Contact: Tony Barclay, Company Secretary on +64 9 574 0119.  For more information about the company visit our website