Respiratory solutions designed to care for patients at home.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of humidified respiratory solutions for patients at home. The myAirvo™ 2 provides humidified high flow through a nasal cannula or tracheostomy connection, while the F&P my820 System provides respiratory humidity for patients in invasive and noninvasive therapies. The F&P 810 System (MR810) delivers humidity for patients on noninvasive therapies such as those which use masks.

How does a humidifier support the lungs?

Watch how humidification can assist patients at home on respiratory support.
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Humidified High Flow with myAIRVO 2

Humidified High Flow with myAirvo 2

With technology and a user interface that is easy to use, the myAirvo 2 delivers a solution that helps achieve comfort and compliance.

F&P myAirvo 2 System

Optiflow™+ Tracheostomy Interface
Optiflow+ Nasal Cannula
Optiflow+ Mask Interface Adapter

Humidification for Noninvasive Ventilation

Humidification for Noninvasive Ventilation

Heated respiratory humidification can increase patient comfort and tolerance to noninvasive ventilation via a mask.

F&P 810 System (MR810)

Evatherm™ Breathing Circuit

Humidification for Invasive Ventilation

Humidification for Invasive Ventilation

The delivery of heated respiratory humidification supports secretion clearance in invasively ventilated patients, e.g., a patient using a tracheostomy tube.

F&P my820 System

F&P my820 System Breathing Tubes
F&P my820 System Humidification Chambers

F&P 550 System (HC550)

RT-series Breathing Circuits
F&P Evaqua™ 2 Breathing Circuits