myAirvo 2

Humidified high flow therapy system
Deliver humidified high flows from 2-60 L/min to chronic respiratory patients at home or in long-term care facilities.

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Learn how myAirvo™ 2 can help patients manage chronic respiratory conditions 

Humidified high flow therapy has been shown to ease symptoms such as frequent coughs and breathlessness as well as reduce escalation of care in patients with conditions such as COPD.1-4 The myAirvo 2 is an innovative humidified high flow system that delivers the therapy through an Optiflow™ nasal cannula and a trio of advanced technologies.
Discover the myAirvo 2 technology
Advanced humidity algorithm


The myAirvo 2 algorithm’s intelligent controls deliver Optimal Humidity to patients at 37, 34 or 31 °C.
myAirvo 2 air pathway


A uniquely designed air pathway thoroughly conditions the mix of air and oxygen to accurately deliver the patient’s set flow rate.
AirSpiral™ Tube


The two-spiral design produces up to 93% less condensate*, maximizing humidity levels of the breathing gas.


*When compared with Airvo tube 900PT501 in internal F&P testing

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