F&P 550 System

Delivering active, heated humidification for invasive ventilation in the home.

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 F&P 550 System

Improving secretion management.

We designed the F&P 550 System for at-home patients requiring humidification during invasive ventilation, e.g., tracheostomy, or noninvasive ventilation, e.g., mask. The system uses the HC550 Humidifier, an F&P humidification chamber, and the RT-series or Evaqua 2 Breathing Circuit.

Breathing gases are passed across heated water in the humidification chamber to add heat and humidity – these gases then flow through the breathing circuit and are warmed further by the heater wires within the tube.

HC550 Humidifier

The HC550 Humidifier is at the heart of the F&P 550 System.

This humidifier supplies, monitors and controls the heat supplied to the humidification chamber and the water it contains. As respiratory gas passes over the heated water, it increases in humidity and temperature.

It also controls heating in the heated respiratory circuits, such as the RT Series or Evaqua 2 breathing circuits. This heating stabilizes the temperature of the humidified gas passing through, reducing the potential for condensation.

We refined the popular MR850 Humidifier to give the HC550 Humidifier attributes that make it suitable for delivering heated humidification to tracheostomy patients in the home.

The F&P 550 System has the following features and benefits:

Therapeutic levels of warm, humidified gas
This active, heated humidifier is designed for use with home ventilators to provide therapeutic levels of warmed, humidified gas to patients. 

Preset temperature output
The clinician can preset temperature output to invasive and noninvasive modes to suit the patient’s respiratory and therapy requirements and minimize user set up requirements.

Color-coded for easy set up
Temperature Probe and Heater-wire Adapter connections are color-coded to their respective sockets, making it easier to set up.

Subdued display lighting and indicators
Display and indicators are subdued and visible only when required. Lighted areas on a simplified diagram indicate setup issues.

Suitable for a range of therapies
The HC550 Humidifier is suitable for use with both noninvasive and invasive therapies.

RT-series Breathing Circuits

RT-series Breathing Circuits.

The HC550 Humidifier is compatible with RT-series Breathing Circuits. These circuits come in a variety of configurations to suit the patient’s respiratory and therapy needs.

The circuits, available to purchase separately, provide the following benefits:


  • Spiral-wire technology that improves condensate control in varying environments.
  • Consistent compliance and low resistance to flow.
  • Probe-port design that facilitates accurate temperature monitoring.
  • Lightweight and flexible.

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Evaqua™ 2 Breathing Circuits

Evaqua 2 Breathing Circuits provide additional dual-limb benefits.

If a dual-limb circuit is required, an Evaqua 2 Breathing Circuit offers additional benefits that can further minimize inspiratory and expiratory condensation (rainout).

Available to purchase separately in selected markets, the benefits of the circuit include:

  • Reduction of inspiratory and expiratory condensation.
  • Reduced opening of the circuit.
  • Reduced condensate-related ventilator alarms.
  • Reduced filter wetting.
  • Decreased circuit maintenance time.

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Setup examples using the F&P 550 System

Single-limb, Passive-port Tracheostomy

Single-limb, Active-valve Tracheostomy

Dual-limb Tracheostomy

Example setups only.  Not all accessories shown are included in F&P 550 System circuit kits.  Follow all relevant protocols and user instructions.  These examples are summarized and provided for illustrative purposes only.  Not all products are available in all markets.


Heated humidification for invasive ventilation patients

  • Assists natural defense mechanisms in the airway.
  • Controls secretions to promote efficient gas exchange and ventilation.

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Product codes

HC550 Humidifier
RT114Single Limb Adult Circuit Kit (excluding chamber)
RT380Dual Limb Adult Breathing Circuit Kit with Evaqua 2 Technology


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