Evatherm™ Breathing Circuit

Evatherm Breathing Circuit

  • Designed for use with the F&P 810 System containing the MR810 Humidifier for Noninvasive Ventilation.
  • Fully assembled, heated wall, rigid, smooth-bore circuit.
  • Provides humidity while reducing inspiratory condensation.

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When used with the MR810 Humidifier, the Evatherm™ Breathing Circuit reduces condensate and delivers higher levels of humidity than a non-heated reusable circuit.
Heated Evatherm breathing circuit
Evatherm Breathing Circuit

Evatherm has a heater wire embedded in the wall of the breathing tube. This wire maintains the tube wall at a higher temperature than the humidified gas passing through, reducing the potential for condensation.
Non-heated breathing circuit
Non-heated breathing circuit

Humidified gas cools when passing through non-heated breathing circuits. This cooling can cause condensation, which reduces the amount of humidity delivered to the patient.

Condensate performance of the F&P 810 System with the MR810 Humidifier on a high setting

Minimizing Condensate (rainout)
Minimizing condensate (rainout)
The graph illustrates the synergies between the MR810 Humidifier and the Evatherm Breathing Circuit. This combination reduces condensate by up to four times compared with a non-heated reusable breathing circuit.*

*Based on Fisher & Paykel Healthcare internal testing results on the heated Evatherm Breathing Circuit vs. F&P non-heated breathing circuit, flow of 15 L/min at 22 °C.

Product codes

Code Product
900MR810  Evatherm Breathing Circuit – single limb 


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