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What is F&P Optiflow Nasal High Flow?

Optiflow Nasal High Flow therapy is Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s offering for nasal high flow (NHF) therapy, also known as high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) or highflow oxygen therapy (HFOT). Optiflow systems include F&P Airvo Optiflow systems and vent-driven Optiflow systems.

  1. Optiflow NHF therpay added can be delivered anywhere in the hospital 
  2. Optiflow NHF therapy can also be delivered using an invasive or noninvasive ventilator equipped with an NHF/ HFNC mode when combined with an F&P humidifier (MR850), an F&P humidity delivery system (heated breathing tube and chamber kit) and an F&P Optiflow interface. This is called a vent-driven Optiflow system. by the Airvo 2 device, which includes an integrated flow generator and humidifier. This is called an Airvo-Optiflow system.

Airvo-Optiflow system

Airvo 2 heated humidifier

Airvo 2 heated humidifier - dedicated Optiflow High Flow system

Vent-driven Optiflow

MR850 heated humidifier

MR850 heated humidifier (blender required)

Optiflow Systems

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