Optiflow High Flow Therapy system. 


An integrated flow generator, wide flow range (2 - 60 L/min) and various interfaces facilitates the treatment of a broad range of patients across the hospital.

Nasal High Flow Therapy (NHF) aka (HFNC) is recommended for several clinical applications among published clinical practice guidelines

A review of the studies referenced by these guidelines showed that most of the studies used flows of ≥ 45 L/min, i.e., flow rate matters. 

How do I set up Nasal High Flow Therapy? 

Introducing F&P Micro Moments! This episode provides a basic overview of how to set up Nasal High Flow using the F&P Airvo.

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Airvo-Optiflow High Flow System 

  1. Airvo 2 High Flow System. 
  2. AirSpiral heated breathing tube & chamber kit. 
  3. Optiflow interfaces for adult and peadiatric applications, including cannula, tracheostomy and mask adapter options.
  4. Hospital stand.

Optiflow High Flow Interfaces

Optiflow 3S
nasal cannula interface
57% more stable*, less pressure*, side swappable.

Latest NHF interface

nasal cannula interface

Simple to fit, soft and secure.

Optiflow+ Tracheostomy interface
Optimal humidification for a bypassed airway.

Optiflow Junior 2 nasal cannula interface series
Designed for neonates, infants, and children.

Airvo 2 instructional videos and downloads