Because mask leaks can ruin your dreams

The #1 problem experienced by patients using full face masks was mask leaks.*

Are mask leaks causing you to lose sleep?

An examination of online patient reviews of sleep apnea equipment from 7 leading web stores revealed that the #1 problem experienced by patients on full face masks was mask leaks*.

1 in 3 patients

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1 in 3 patients who provided a full face mask review experienced problems with leaks.

Leaks onto the face and into the eyes

Leaks onto patient face and eyes
Patients can experience air leaking onto the face and into the eyes.

Facial marking

Facial marks from mask

Patient reviews indicated that in some cases mask leaks may result in patients instinctively over-tightening their straps, resulting in facial discomfort.

Dynamic Support Icon

Dynamic Support Technology™
for Stability and Adaptability.

A CPAP mask that leaks is the last thing you will want to put up with. But that is exactly what many patients are experiencing every single night. That’s why Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's full face masks with Dynamic Support Technology are designed to minimize the likelihood of leaks - with our exclusive Stability Bar and RollFit™ cushion technology.

Mask with dynamic support technology

Greater zone of support

Reduce the likelihood of mask dislodgement
The Stability Bar was designed to provide an anchoring mechanism that provides a greater zone of support, reducing the likelihood of the mask dislodging during sleep.

Dynamically seal and adjust
This also allows the RollFit™ cushion – which rolls back and forth -  to adjust and seal dynamically to a range of different nose and face shapes.

Don’t just take our word for it

Patient trials and feedback validate that F&P Simplus meets performance expectations.**

Discover the Dynamic Support provided by the F&P Simplus™

Designed to work in harmony, the F&P Simplus incorporates three key components, the RollFit™ Seal, ErgoForm™ Headgear and Easy Frame. In combination, these components offer: comfort, seal, and ease of use.

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Features of the F&P Simplus

F&P Simplus designed for daily use

Easy Daily

Ensuring a clear line of sight, the Simplus has a low-profile, stable and durable frame. The one frame fits all 3 seal sizes and has an Easy-Clip frame attachment to aid assembly after cleaning.

F&P Simplus designed for comfort

Comfort and Support 

The self-locating, breathable headgear of this mask allows for unrestricted head movement (sideways, up & down). The Adjustable Crown Strap, enhances mask stability.

F&P Simplus seal designed for comfort

Comfortable, Effective Seal

Our RollFit seal is auto-adjusting as it rolls back and forth on the bridge of the nose to minimize pressure whilst helping to enhance sealing performance to reduce the likelihood of air leakage onto the face.

F&P Simplus diffuser designed to reduce noise

Reduced Noise and Draft

The advanced air diffuser, which is incorporated into the RollFit Seal, is designed to reduce noise and air draft for you and your bed partner.