F&P Nasal Masks

Choosing the right CPAP mask is critical to successful therapy.
F&P nasal masks are designed for comfort and reliable performance.
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Compact Nasal Mask

Evora™ is an under-the-nose nasal mask with an emphasis on minimal headgear.
It’s simple and intuitive due to the CapFit™ headgear that can be taken on and off in one quick movement.
The unique compact seal and flexible breathing tube keeps Evora comfortably in place.

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Universal Nasal Mask

Eson™ 2 is an over-the-nose nasal mask with a focus on stability.

The narrow, transparent stability bar keeps the mask securely in place while maintaining maximum line of sight.

The stability bar and soft fabric headgear ensures the mask stays in place.

The RollFit™ seal works in conjunction with the stability bar to create dynamic support during movement.  

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