F&P Vitera™
Fit Pack

Full Face Mask
Eson 2 Fit Pack
Each F&P Vitera Fit Pack contains:
  • Vitera full face mask fitted with medium seal
  • Alternative small and large seals if needed
  • Quick reference card with fitting video link
  • Use and Care Guide 

The right mask seal size is important for successful CPAP therapy.

Select one of the three seal sizes, small, medium, large, that fits you best and which feels most comfortable, for optimal mask performance.

If discomfort or air leaks persist, try an alternative size seal, which is found in the F&P Vitera Fit Pack bag or contact an authorised Fisher & Paykel Healthcare provider for assistance.


Redefining Performance

With the patient at the centre of our design philosophy, the key focus areas for Vitera's design included stability, adaptability, and breathability.

Vitera Introduction Video

Introducing the Vitera Full Face Mask 

Vitera Fitting Video

How to fit your F&P Vitera Full Face mask

Stable and secure with dynamic stability

The mask's gentle headgear is designed to avoid sensitive cheekbone areas and has three points of adjustment to help you find a comfortable fit.

Freedom to move with RollFit™ XT

The RollFit XT seal adapts as you move throughout the night while also helping to minimize discomfort on the bridge of your nose.

Keep cool and
comfortable with VentiCool™

VentiCool technology is designed to allow for heat and moisture to dissipate.

Where to buy F&P Vitera?


Find your nearest Authorised Fisher & Paykel Healthcare CPAP Equipment Provider 

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Vitera Cleaning Video

How to clean the F&P Vitera Full Face Mask

Vitera Use and Care

Vitera Information Brochure