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While Covid-19 may have changed when and how you deliver NIV therapy, addressing skin breakdown is still important for NIV care.

Nivairo Testimonial Video

The F&P Nivairo mask experience at St Luke’s Hospital

Staff at St Luke’s hospital in Pennsylvania, USA, share their thoughts about the F&P Nivairo NIV mask. They discuss the challenges they faced with pressure injuries and their experiences with the mask.

Would you like fitting instructions, resources and specifications for our vented mask?

Are you concerned about using a vented mask or want to some guidance around NIV mask setups for Covid-19?

Would you like to learn about preventing pressure injuries during NIV?

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted healthcare organizations around the world

A resource center has been created to provide affected hospitals and healthcare professionals with information they may need to treat patients when using Fisher & Paykel Healthcare products.

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