F&P MR850™ System for Optiflow™


The MR850 system is designed to offer a multi-configurable solution for patients requiring respiratory support. High flows of blended, humidified gas are delivered through the Optiflow™ nasal cannula.

MR850 Heated Humidifier

One System for All Patients

The MR850 can be used for the full range of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare therapies across the F&P Respiratory Care Continuum™

  • One button selects optimal temperature and humidity levels for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
  • Easy set up with simple controls and an easy to read display
  • Clinically based alarm system
  • Advanced algorithms and the ability to sense flow optimises humidification delivery and minimises nuisance alarms
  • Automatic standby during periods of gas flow interruption or water out

Kitted for convenience and performance

Introducing the RT302 kit with MicroCellTM technology 


             Optiflow+ Cannula                 

MicroCell Circuit              

  MR290 Chamber  

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Product/Reorder Codes

Order Code  Product Quantity
MR850 Heated Humidifier 1 each
RT302 RT302 MicroCell Circuit, 290 water chamber and Optiflow™+ Nasal Cannula Kit 10 per box

Resource download list

F&P 850™ System Product Catalogue

(PDF 2.3MB)


F&P 850™ System User Instructions

(PDF 0.4MB)


F&P 850™ System Specification Sheet

(PDF 0.0MB)


RT302 MicroCell Circuit and Optiflow+™ Nasal Cannula Kit Brochure

(PDF 0.5MB)


RT302 MicroCell Circuit and Optiflow+™ Nasal Cannula Kit User Instructions

(PDF 1.6MB)