Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Releases New Mask for Non-invasive Ventilation

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited announced today the introduction of the F&P Nivairo™, a hospital mask for non-invasive ventilation therapy.

The F&P Nivairo
The F&P Nivairo incorporates patented Fisher & Paykel Healthcare technology to deliver improved quality of care for patients requiring non-invasive respiratory support. Key features of the new mask include unique, world-first TubeFit™ zones, and an advanced seal for ease of set up and patient comfort.

The seal allows the mask to adapt to each patient’s unique nasal anatomy, balancing comfort with improved performance. The technology gives caregivers confidence in achieving a good seal and is easy and quick to set up.

“The Nivairo is a very clever mask,” said Managing Director and CEO, Lewis Gradon. “It’s often challenging to achieve a good seal during non-invasive therapy, especially when a nasogastric tube is required. The Nivairo incorporates TubeFit zones, which allow a tube to pass underneath without compromising the seal. This means the mask can be used with or without nasogastric tubes, while still achieving an effective seal.”

The Nivairo is a great addition to the company’s range of non-invasive masks, building on the success of the F&P Freemotion™ range. The response from clinicians during product validation trials has been extremely positive. 

The Nivairo will initially be available in New Zealand and Australia from September, followed by Canada and Europe. It will be available in the United States on receipt of US FDA clearance.

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