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QIs nasal high flow suitable for the treatment of patients with hypercapnic respiratory failure? UPDATED July 2022
QWhat is nasal high flow/high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) therapy? [7 facts you should know]  
QAre there published clinical practice guidelines for nasal high flow (aka high flow nasal cannula) therapy?  UPDATED July 2022
QWhat is high flow oxygen?  
QIs nasal high flow suitable/recommended for the treatment of COVID-19?  UPDATED NOV 2021
QDoes the use of nasal high flow increase the risk of healthcare worker (HCW) infections?  UPDATED NOV 2021
QWhat is Optiflow nasal high flow therapy/what are my (equipment) options for delivering Optiflow therapy?
Q[The ROX Index] Is there a bedside tool that provides an indicator of nasal high flow outcomes?
QHow quickly does nasal high flow work?
QIs Optiflow a ventilator?
QIs Optiflow NHF therapy a form of non-invasive (NIV) respiratory support?
QIs the Airvo 2 a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device?
QHow does nasal high flow compare to conventional oxygen therapy (COT)? UPDATED July 2022
QDoes Optiflow NHF therapy provide positive pressure/PEEP?
QWhat clinical evidence is there to support the use of nasal high flow? UPDATED July 2022
QWho will benefit from nasal high flow? UPDATED July 2022
QCan nasal high flow be used in the emergency room (ER)/department (ED)?
QHow should I monitor patients on nasal high flow?
QWhen should I consider escalating patients on nasal high flow?
QHow much pressure is generated by nasal high flow?
QWhat effect does low humidity have on the airway?


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