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Are there published protocols for Nasal High Flow therapy?


One of the first of these was published in 2017 by Ischaki et al. 2017 and is specific to patients with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure (AHRF).

Other protocols specific to patients experiencing hypercapnic AECOPD, COVID-19 and for use in preoxygenation can be accessed below.

In addition clinical practice guidelines and recommendations are been published reflecting the large body of evidence and broad application of Nasal High Flow therapy.

Ischaki et al. 2017.

Acute hypoxemic respiratory failure

d'Espiney et al. 2019.

Acute hypercapnic ( AECOPD

Pantazopoulos et al. 2020.

Acute hypercarbic AECOPD

Raoof et al. 2020.

Respiratory failure in COVID-19

Ricard et al. 2016.

Pre-oxygenation for intubation outside the operating room